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Seeing a Scrivener Notary

Scrivener notaries are subject to the requirements of the law and professional regulations, particularly those intended to fight money-laundering and prevent the proceeds of crime from being used.

Professional regulations also require notaries to keep evidence of some of their acts and details of the party who requested that the service be provided.

The same regulations impose strict requirements on the management of monies held on behalf of a client. Notaries are also required to maintain professional indemnity insurance.

At the very least, a scrivener notary is required to identify all new clients by means of an identity document and evidence of address. Business clients are required to produce evidence of their constitution and status. To provide the most effective service, a scrivener notary will ask a client to provide any relevant papers or information that relates to the matter.

Enquiries relating to a specific matter should be addressed directly to a notary.