The Society of Scrivener Notaries, 95 Aldwych, London WC2B 4JF,


The Work of Scrivener Notaries

The work of scrivener notaries includes:

· authentication and drafting of legal documents for use overseas
· legalisation of documents
· shipping law
· trade marks & patents
· business start-up and corporate administration
· purchase and sale of overseas real property
· inheritance
· wills and trusts
· work and residence permits
· bills of exchange
· ballots (new issues); stock & bond redemption
· construction project tendering
· exchange control and foreign investment formalities
· translation


As lawyer-linguists with a background in foreign law, scrivener notaries are in a unique position to provide a bridge between the common law system prevalent in the English speaking world, and the civil law system found in many other parts of the world, including most countries in continental Europe and the whole of Latin America. Scrivener notaries are able to certify documents in many languages and also to prepare documents in the legal form and language of the country in which they are to be used.  This offers considerable advantages to the client, both in terms of costs and time saved.

The current membership of the Society of Scrivener Notaries includes notaries who can claim fluency or some proficiency in the following languages: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Polish, and Russian.


Linguistic training and expertise enables scrivener notaries to provide translation services “in house” across a range of languages. For other languages, scrivener notaries are nearly always able to obtain high-quality translation from qualified translators. In either case, a scrivener notary is in a position to certify the accuracy of a translation, making it acceptable for production before courts and other authorities in the United Kingdom and overseas.


Documents that are to be used in other countries often need to be legalised by the United Kingdom government and/or a consulate.  Scrivener notaries are familiar with the particular requirements for each country and will draw clients’ attention to the potential consequences of legalisation. Again, this often results in considerable savings in time and money for the client.  Each of the firms of scrivener notaries provides a comprehensive legalisation service that will usually include personal delivery and collection by employees.

Further information

If you have a question relating to a specific matter, please contact one of the member firms or a scrivener notary.